Dec 21 2009

Holiday Hideaway 2009

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I cannot believe how fast time flies by.  Wasn’t it only last week that “New Moon” came out?  How has it already been a month?

 I’m still recovering from the rush at eP from tim holtz’s 12 tags of Christmas.  And I am still on a high from spending last week in Prescott, AZ at tim’s Holiday Hideway.  How am I so fortunate to be able to attend such an amazing event?  BUT….. dorky me….. I didn’t bring a camera!  ARGH!  I couldn’t find it…. and with the crazy rush, I couldn’t take the time to look for it….. I debated just buying another one….. but decided I can just “enjoy” the moment and then enjoy other people’s pictures! 🙂

So, my here are some of my GHETTO pix from my cell phone camera!  LOL! 

When we got to the hotel, this was the sign to the room that held all of the “magic”.  This is where most of the fun happened.


After a 6 hour drive, it was nice to be greeted by Aunty Pearl, who had the room next door.  She had her Blue Moon ready to go.  Glad it was already chilled when I got there! 🙂


This was our cute place setting at our tables.


The fun started right away and this was our first project.


This was our next project.  I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of mine, but this was tim’s.  We got to play with lots of Idea-ology goodies.


Throughout the weekend, tim gave us many many fun gifts.  Every time “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” would play, the elf at each table to would get up and follow tim around to get our “brown paper packages tied up with string”.  These were a few of tim’s favorite things.  Hmmmmm…. what could be in this package?  Could it be SPARKLY FLUFF? 🙂


Tim could be mid-sentence and the song would just start playing and everyone would get so excited….. This gift was too big to wrap….. and see all of our cute elves?  We had Ted Cutts as our elf. 


That bag was filled with glue to last a looooooong time! 🙂  (Hmmmmm….. must be morning….. I see a mimosa back there)


Which reminds me….. what is better than just inking?  Inking and Drinking.  LOL!  I forgot the name of this drink (something elf), but the “Ink and Drink” girls made sure that no one was thirsty.  Just ring that bell and they will have a drink to you in no time!  They were awesome!


But, what could be better than the gifts and drinking?  (I know… hard to imagine that there could be anything better)  Creating…… tim shared with us his personal stash of goodies…..


And there were A LOT of goodies…….


to create a shadow box that inspires our creativity.  This one is tim’s.  I didn’t a get a pic of mine….. but let’s just say that there is an “E” and a “J”…. one is sparkly and one is fluffy.  There was film strip ribbon and other inspiring things from Twilight! 🙂


But, what was even better than creating…. was learning and hanging out.  We were able to go shopping and then hang out tim’s studio.  He is such an inspiration.


Thank you tim, Michele, and Mario (MJ) for an AMAZING time.  It was one of the best weekends EVER!


There are some other blogs out there that have pix from the hideaway.  Be sure to check out Debby Schuh (covered over several blog posts),  Nancy Wethington (covered over several blog posts),  and Margaret.


And I am soooooooo excited about the new products tim has coming for CHA.  Check out his blog for some sneak peaks!


Happy Holidays! 🙂

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  1. jami says:

    Wow Joy – what an awesome weekend!!!!!! TFS!

  2. Tonya says:

    Ok…I’m totally speechless here. This looks like one majorly fantastic time and I am sooooo jealous!!! How exciting for you!!! GO JOY GO JOY! (That drink REALLY looks good…)

  3. Oh my word, it looks like you had a BLAST!!

    Merry Christmas, Joy!! {{hugs}}

  4. Debra says:

    Looks like such a fabulous time!

  5. Kelly L says:

    Wow, these are beautiful! You lucky girl!!! How cool to hang out with Tim, ink, drink and create such beautiful things with all of those goodies! I am SOO jealous! *wink* Have a Merry Christmas!! Hugs, Kelly 🙂

  6. Donna says:

    WOW! how fun was that?! I love your ghetto pics – lol. see you in less than 2 weeks!!

  7. jennie black says:

    Get Out! That looks like a dream weekend… I cannot believe it. Wow! Ohhh I could dream of a trip like that! merry Christmas…. How fun! Glad he invited you, he knows a special person when he meet them. You deserved to go.

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