Apr 16 2012

Biggest Loser Competition

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This year, I decided to join the fellas at work for the “Biggest Loser Competition” at work.  Since I work in the computer field, the majority of people I work with are guys.  It’s a lot of fun at work and I love the guys I work with.  Two other ladies joined in for the competition as well.

(almost) Every year, they have a competition to lose weight.  It’s a 3 month deal and everyone puts money in the pot.  Weigh-ins are every Wednesday and my brother (our commissioner) puts together the stats and a mini newsletter every week. We have to lose a 7% minimum or else you have to put an extra $15 in the pot.  And last place has to put extra $$$ in the pot.

These fellas are really competitive.  It is funny how some of them will bring donuts into work just to torment their competitors.  Chocolates are left on the desks of those in the competition.  Homemade brownies and Cookies are brought in.  All in good fun! 🙂

I knew I didn’t have a chance with the fellas…. I just wanted to be in the middle tier and I just wanted to get healthy again.  Plus, with CHA, trips to AZ, fun at Disney, birthday parties, I knew that food (and beer) would be an issue.  But, it was a boost in the right direction.  I wanted to lose weight slow and steady… and I want to reach my goal weight by June. (hmmmm… maybe cause of the cruise I will be on.  LOL!)  I needed to MAKE time for workouts… between a full time job, helping at the emporium, and babysitting, time was my biggest challenge.  Working out wasn’t the issue.  I looooove a good workout.  Luckily, I had “school” every night for the last couple of weeks of the competition.  I plugged my headphones into my iPad and watched my Creative Chemistry classes as I hit the treadmill.  That sure made the time on the treadmill go by much faster.

Anyway, glad I took a step in the right direction.  I ended up finishing 6th, which was the top of the 2nd tier. 🙂  I still have a long way to go, but at least I’m headed the right direction.  First place lost a CRAZY 21%.  He’s so tiny and his nickname “Lil Chris” fits him perfectly.  I’m proud of my brother, too.  He lost over 30 lbs and he came in 4th.  He was also so encouraging.  Since he was the commissioner, we had to weigh-in in front of him.  He would ask me what I did during that week and we would try to figure out what as working for me and what wasn’t.  I was very lucky he was there. 🙂

The night before we were going to give the prize winners their money, my brother called me and asked if I could make some quick cards to put the money in.  I had to remember my audience was a bunch of guys… so I made some quick and simple cards.  Tim’s Rosette and word play die came in so handy… and of course my favorite texture fade, the woodgrain.

I ate a bunch of junk this weekend… felt kinda gross…. so, I hit my treadmill again this morning… now I am watching the next class from onlinecardclasses.com called A Cut Above. 🙂

Let’s hope I can keep this up! 🙂



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  1. Christina B says:

    Sounds like great incentive Joy – well done! Great photo LOL & love the cards! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joy! Congrats to you! It’s so hard to lose weight and get healthy…I am constantly trying! I am impressed you hung with all those men, they lose fast. Your cards are so cool and can be masculine or feminine…perfect! And look at all that green…nice!!!

  3. Alice Wertz says:

    so glad that you are having fun and benefiting from the competition. LOVE your money holders, too. =)

  4. Drlbpgtjdomq says:

    oy! Congrats to you! It’s so hard to lose weight and get healthy…I am constantly trying! I am impressed you hung with all those men, they lose fast.
    yeah,it is.
    I like your style…

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