Mar 27 2008

Glancing Back

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Do you ever go back and look at the work you’ve done in the past? This card was from 2006……. ICK! But, it made me smile because it reminded me how much I love my Inky Antics Girly Girl Stamps. When I went to Archivers for the first time, I saw this paper and I immediately thought of this stamp and my friend Mishie (who by the way is celebrating her on year Blogaversary. You should go check out her blog for some cool prizes. Today she’s playing a fun scavenger hunt). Anyways, one of the first things I learned about Mishie is that she loves Margaritas. I even bought her a little Margarita bag when I was shopping one day. I love Margarita’s, too. Especially Strawberry Margaritas.

This paper is perfect for some of my other friends. Some of my friends love the following drinks:

AngFab: Margis for her, too

HB: tall, cold long neck (Miller Lite)

Kendra: Mike’s Hard Lemonade (yummy!)

Kookie Kopp: Pina Colada (Mmmmmm….. one of my other faves, Lava Flows are yummy)

Michelle Wooderson: Margarita

Piris: Strawberry Daiquiri or Coronas (Mix Kookie’s and Piris’s together and that makes the perfect drink)

Valerie Stangle: Greyhound (never had it)
After all that talk, I’m ready to “party” this weekend! 🙂

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  1. Mish says:

    Hiiiiiiii Joy, yes I do love me a margi! I always joke that I shoulda named my girls Margi and Rita! LOL….snort!! Thanks for playing along with me today. Love ya, Mishie!!!!!

  2. AngFab says:

    LOL – GREAT POST JOY! Now I am thirsty for Margis and HOW COULD I FORGET MARTINIS??? YUMMAY! Those are a fave as well! I have this Martini Girl stamp from Inky and it’s a FAVE of mine! Love your card from 2006! NO WAY is it an ICK!

  3. marcia says:

    bahahah! i still love that card, but i’m laughing because i thought of some of my cards from 2003 and earlier! uuuugly!

    and you should try a basil and grapefruit martini! smoooooth!

    love ya!

  4. Bev Barton says:

    Hi Joy…I had fun last nite …it was girlfriend nite and we had margaritas and then some kind of butterscotch liquer shooters……Isn’t it fun to have fun with your friends? Looking forward to this summer and seeing you.
    Love you,
    Bevie Pearl

  5. Jenn says:

    Joy, YUM. That’s all i gotta say. 🙂 LOVE ya (and mmmmmmmartinis in pretty colors. And amaretto sours. oh yeah). . .

  6. pam hooten says:

    So cute Joy! Looks like she’s drinking strawberry something to me, LOL!!

  7. kendra says:

    Hmmmm…now I’m thirsty! Love ya Joy!

  8. Donna Baker says:

    I think this card is cute! sounds yummy…I’ll take a Midori Sour please. Have a great weekend, Joy!

  9. Juanita says:

    The card is GREAT! The paper makes it extra special and I love the colors. Thank you for the answer for Mish’s contest, for sharing you fabulous work. Have a GREAT weekend.

  10. Kerry Fitzpatrick says:

    Mish asked us to leave a quick comment to let you know that we stopped in on your blog.
    So hi from Oklahoma

  11. You are going to think I am so bad, but my favorite drinks are Long Islands….. funny story. I went to a teaching conference – across from the university was a chicken wing place. The first night we went and had drinks and played trivia. Well, I proceeded to say “I don’t drink very much… I’ll have a Long Island.” Yeah, my teacher friends still make fun of me!

  12. anGela says:

    I’m a chocolate lover…make mine a mudslide, or hot chocolate with Bailey’s Irish Creme…both topped with real whipped cream…mmm mmm! (I guess they are my choice desserts – a great way to end a meal!)

    Your Easter card in the last post…the bunny is so perfect! So cute and fuzzy!

  13. shirlann says:

    Mish sent me…love your use of Copics (my fav). Hi from beautiful British Columbia!

  14. Heather McNally says:

    Hi Joy! Mmmmm – margaritas, appletinis, and raspberry cosmos! LOL FUN post, girlie!

  15. Sue says:

    I amthirsty now – but I also have additions to my wish list. Will it ever end?

  16. miren says:

    Great layout great colors used very beautiful card !!! hope can stop by on my blog :)

  17. Laurie says:

    Hi I came over from Cami’s blog…I too will be going to the Copic Cert. Would it be to much to ask..I would love a stamping of this gal in the martini glass to make a card to give to my daughter she would get a hoot out of it…if not that is ok too. I look forward to meeting a whole new bunch of gals.

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